Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 2

Today we went sking at Alta. Ember & Dad went to sking schoo. Ember went in level 1 & dad went in a private lesson. When we were out on Sugarloaf Jordan and I got lost. So we went down Sugarloaf then we were going to go to the resstrooms, but we ran into a worker. So she radio contact other workers to find grandpa. We went back up Sugarloaf to go sking with her, but we found grandpa getting off the lifts. Then we went sking a little more. Then we went to lunch at 1:00. Then Dad went to eat lunch with us and he was really sore. We gone up some more times and about 4:00 Jordan couldnt do it anymore so her, dad, and Ember went to the car. Grandpa and I went up 1 more time.



Scott, you are a really good skier and I am impressed that you were the last one to go up skiing with Grandpa. I am very excited to go skiing with you very soon. You can probably teach me some more things that I do not know about skiing. I am so glad that you are my son and I also am really glad that you are keeping a blog. It helps me to know what you are thinking and some of the fun things that you do when I am not there, and sometimes even when I am there.

I love you. Dad



I wish that I could go skiing with you. Maybe next time, I am sure that I would beat you down the hill. I am so lighting fast on my ski's.

Love, Smommy

Kathy said...

I've never been skiing before so I don't know if it really is fun or not, but it sounds pretty exciting. Did you get sore after all that?

janicejfoley said...

Wow, you are a stud keeping up with your Grandpa who has always been a skier. I am really impressed.
Grandma Foley

KickButtMommy said...

Was it very cold? I have only been skiing twice, and it was pretty cold.