Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Athletic Republic

So I have this gym called Athletic Republic. Their has been so many pros that worked out at that gym including some like Adrian Peterson, Toby Gehart, and many more. Today we had to do the hardest plyometrics ever. We were backpetaling on the treadmil. My quads are so sore for doing it. It is still all worth if I get to were I want to be.

I'm Back

Its been almost 3 years since I posted a post on my blog. I have finally got a new password and now I will continue writing new posts.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Day 6

Today we went to Brigam young resorts to see all the house of the pioneers. We made crafts like a spider and a days til christmas. Then we went to grandmas house and started a game of monoply.

Day 5

On Friday we made a big snowfort on grandpas mangrums front yard. It took almost all day to build it. After we build it we had a snowball fight with dad and grandpa. We won of course. Then we played football in the backyard. The game was tied 12-12. It was a really fun game. Then we went to a Christmas party at moniques aunts ward. Then Santa brought us presents . He brought me some spiderman legos. Then we went to grandmas house.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

day 4

Today we went Ice Skating a gullivan Ice Rink. We played tag on the ice skating rink. While we were there we saw these news reports guys, who was doing a report. Then we went to a Joesph Smith movie at the Joesph Smith Mermorial. The movie was really good. It talked about him restoring the church. Then we went to temple square and saw all the Nativities and the lights. I good soaked from the snow, but it was really fun.

Day 3

Today we went to imagration to eat lunch. I had really good pizza there. After that we went to grandma Foleys house. while grandma, dad, & Monique were picking up Julie & Saidie I Jordan & Ember stayed at gramdma foleys house. While we were there Kenya & Shannon had just got there. Then we had a snowball figh with these 4 11 year old kids. Then we went back to grandma mangrums house we got ready for the play the nutcracker. All I have to say about the play is that they need darker tights. You could practily see their whole body.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 2

Today we went sking at Alta. Ember & Dad went to sking schoo. Ember went in level 1 & dad went in a private lesson. When we were out on Sugarloaf Jordan and I got lost. So we went down Sugarloaf then we were going to go to the resstrooms, but we ran into a worker. So she radio contact other workers to find grandpa. We went back up Sugarloaf to go sking with her, but we found grandpa getting off the lifts. Then we went sking a little more. Then we went to lunch at 1:00. Then Dad went to eat lunch with us and he was really sore. We gone up some more times and about 4:00 Jordan couldnt do it anymore so her, dad, and Ember went to the car. Grandpa and I went up 1 more time.